Monday, September 22, 2008

Guilford beats Triad Rugby

Guilford College RFC 17 Triad RFC 14

The Guilford Men's Rugby Team left Oka T. Hester Park last Saturday battered but not beaten. Though lacking a number of key forwards the Quakers traveled across Greensboro to face local men's team Triad RFC. Among those absent from the pitch were David "Mini-Fridge" Watters, Andrew "Crazy Eyes" Slater, "Blazin" Crosby Blair, and Kevin "Thespian" Smithy. Though lacking these key players Guilford put on an impressive show squeaking by Triad 17-14.

As expected the game was a hard hitting example of smash mouth rugby. Senior flanker Graham "Machismo" Payne set the pace early with a crushing hit on the kick off. Guilford put points up early when David "All-Star" Mckindley-Ward sent a penalty through the uprights leaving the score 3-0. The next points would be scored by Chris "Stretch Armstrong" Pugliese, when he scooped up a lost ball from Triad and ran 30 meters into the try zone. David converted the try to give Guilford a 10-0 lead. Triad outmatched Guilford in size and experience and used both to their advantage in clearing out rucks and winning lineouts. Triad used their size to punch one through closing the gap to 10-7. Guilford soon returned fire with a try of their own. Pack Captain Abel Montes De Oca had an impressive run through Triad's forwards only to be stopped short of the try. Nick "I'll break yo face" Hunter, managed to put the ball across the try line leaving the score 17-7 Guilford at the half.

For the last 40 minutes Guilford subbed in 5 rookie backs. Triad attempted to exploit this kicking multiple times to the inexperienced backline. The rookies proved their mettle however, making quick decisions, expert tackles and disallowing Triad to score off the kick. Triad would manage to punch through for another try leaving the score at a tight 17-14. The Quakers held on tightly to their lead and refused to concede anymore points leaving the score at 17-14, with Guilford coming out on top.


kiwinewyear said...

Cody. Less nicknames, more pictures.

Cody said...

I don't have any pictures from the Triad game or I would put some up.

The Bandit said...

Man, I like the nicknames, keep it up! But ya, let's get more pictures going for sure.