Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guilford @ UNCG

Pictures from Guilford's Game at UNCG (finally)
Pregame Pep Talk with Coach Hunter

Davie Scores a Try

Rucking, Kind Of...

Max Run's 100 Meters for a Try

Paul Gets His First Try

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quakers End Season with Big Win

The Guilford RFC Fighting Quakers closed out the fall season this past Saturday with a 50-7 win over the UNC-Greensboro Spartans. The Quakers ended with a 1-2 tournament record and an impressive 7-0 season record. The 8-2 record makes this fall Guilford's best season to date. The Quakers hope to carry this success into the spring where they will compete in the East Division of the NCRU D-3 Matrix.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Duke Game Canceled Due to Rain

Guilford's match at Duke University this Saturday was canceled due to rain. Guilford will be playing at UNCG next weekend.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coach Hunter sets the record straight

Guilford College Squeaks Past Alumni

While childish whining from the current squad persisted concerning the number of players the alumni affiliated themselves with, the old boys were set on displaying some aggressive and technical rugby. From the onset, the Huberite All Grads pressured the try-line, taking the fight straight to their puberty-stricken opponents. A merciful three-points were quickly posted, and the alumni declared victory.

The end.
After the end, 75 more minutes of rugby were played at the generous donation of the Alums time. The outcome of the after-scrimmage is still disputed and highly controversial. Occasional knock-ons and a multitude of forward passes were utilized to convince senile and reckless official George Huber that tries could possibly be awarded. While alumni wingers Harry Lorello and Chris Lampkin scoped the attending crowd for possible tries of their own, opportunistic children fielded the ball and fell on it luckily to add more strokes to the legally bewildered Huber's scrawled tally. Between what could only be considered power naps, alum flanker Tyler Cope and prop Hrothgeezy Lane made sure considerable and appropriate amounts of pain were delivered on time. All Grads hooker Ben Snyder impressed the girls throughout with his callous disregard for the cadence of scrums, and his unflappable work rate. "I couldn't stop staring at him during the set pieces," remarked junior hooker Kevin Smithey, "his handsome locks were distracting and worsened my play." After the interval, the alums were fairly and righteously granted the proper amount of players (briefly) before the college side continued with their immature pleas. "Sir, they have 16 men on the field, and also my diaper needs changing," remarked fullback Maxwell "Bodeon" George, "also I thought this was a prom-dress game and am therefore unsuitably dressed." At minute 55, captain and coach Dan Hayden broke into his briskest jog of the game to graciously grant David McKindley Ward (Jr.) safe passage into the adults-only zone. Minutes later, the alums' outside center denied 4 defenders to post 5 points in the Guilford College try zone. "That is an awesome try," remarked sophomore Guilford flanker Andrew Slater. The points were quickly erased when it was discovered that head official George Huber was legally demented and believed himself to be participating in a re-enactment of the popular children's game, Candyland.
Moments later, the rugby gods smiled upon the alums hard work when they granted a second try (this one to be counted) from centers Nick Hunter and Dreu Gottlieb in a hard-charging and ultimately unstoppable attack rendering the college students demoralized and want for their parents, who were conveniently present. At this point, sophomore lock Will Dawson was reportedly doing nothing... that's right... nothing. "I was searching for my binky blanket," remarked the towering man-child. Having established clear and irrefutable dominance, the alumni dream-team turned their attention toward coaching the college players, rather than running up the score and rubbing salt in their terrible wounds. Through appropriately late tackles and creative facilitation of the off-sides rule, the alumni were able to educate senior scrum-half Max Kochinke on how rugby is really played. He then used this education to his own selfish advantage by scoring an unneeded and unnecessary try. During this generous coaching spell, alumni flanker Chris Runion accidentally scored yet another try of his own when he carelessly touched down the ball from a textbook instructional maul. The alumni pack was apologetic, but humbly accepted points from the official after instructing him as to the parameters of an awardable try. After several more stanzas of high tea whilst watching the collegiate team run plays and touch down imaginary points, the alumni brought a halt to the developmental clinic, and awarded the club side with a 33-15 points victory. The college players enjoyed this imaginary morale boost until several hours later when they suffered a crippling defeat at the hands of several alums at the first ever alumni weekend rugby social.
Match Report By Nick Hunter
Photo Credit: Will Dawson's Facebook Profile

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Guilford trounce Alumni

Guilford Quakers --33
Guilford Huberites --15

The Guilford College Quakers beat the Guilford Alumni Huberites this Saturday. The win was a hard fought one as while the alumni were lacking in athleticism they made up the difference with size, experience and dishonesty. The Alumni fielded 16 players for the first ten minutes giving them a slight advantage. The current Guilford squads speed and endurance would be too much for the old boys however. Sophomore flyhalf David Mckinley-Ward ran through the entire alumni team twice in a row touching down two tries, flanker Andrew Slater's speed proved too much for the alums as he ran nearly 80 meters for a try, and rookie Conner would also score his first try in the game. In a great display of sportsmanship, Senior eightman Matt Elverson selflessly passed the ball in the try zone to Senior scrummy Maximilian. The highlight of the game however was rookie/senior flanker Byron Myers laying out Coach Dan Hayden. All in all it was fine day of rugby and an exciting social game.

Photo Credit: All photos were pirated from Will Dawson's facebook profile without his consent .

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall 2008 Schedule and Results

  • 8-30 Guilford College @ Gastonia RFC W (24-0)
  • 9-6 UNC-Charlotte @ Guilford College (Canceled ) N/A
  • 9-13 Guilford/Triad @ UNC-Greensboro W (43-19)
  • 9-20 Guilford College @ Triad RFC W (17-14)
  • 9-26 Guilford College @ Elon University W (18-14)
  • 10-4 UNC-Charlotte @ Guilford College W (36-10)
  • 10-11 Fall Break
  • 10-18 Fall Break
  • 10-25/26 NCRU Tournament
  • Guilford College V. East Carolina University L (15-30)
  • Guilford College V. Elon University W (19-15)
  • Guilford College V. Appalachian State University L (0-29)
  • 11-1 (Open)
  • 11-8 Guilford Huberites (Alum) @ Guilford College W (33-15)
  • 11-15 Guilford College @ Duke University (Canceled) N/A
  • 11-22 Guilford College @ UNC-Greensboro W (50-7) unofficial

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Team Picture

Guilford RFC after beating Elon at the NCRU Tournament
Photo Credit: Dan

Monday, October 27, 2008

NCRU Tournament Report

Guilford traveled to the North Carolina tournament this weekend, hosted in nearby Danville, Virginia. With teams like UNC, NC State, ECU, Wake Forest, Elon, and Appalachian State in attendance, there was not even the possibility of an easy match. In their first game on Saturday, Guilford was pitted against Division 2 powerhouse East Carolina University.

Both teams took the field and ECU immediately began pressuring with their advantageous size and athleticism. Call it morning rust, nerves at playing much higher-level competition, or whatever you like; Guilford just could not get the ball rolling, or even really get the ball, in the first half. ECU effectively kicked to the back three and rucked ferociously all half, scoring many unanswered points. However, Guilford did once again bring impressive conditioning to pitch, which has this fall season all but eliminated the need for substitutions due to fatigue, be it in a single match or tournament setting. ECU made some substitutions at the half and began to slow down. Finally finding some holes in a very solid team with a history of running up the score against opposition when possible, Guilford managed to keep their intensity and be much more competitive in the second half, scoring 15 points and corralling the Pirate offense to a much larger degree. A final score of 30-15 to the classy ECU side was encouraging, if anything, to a still young and developing Guilford Rugby.

Later in the same day Guilford clashed heads with Elon University for the second time this fall. Boasting a come-from-behind 18-14 victory at Elon in the rain some weeks previous, Guilford looked to prove that the win was no fluke. Throughout the game, however, this eagerness proved to hinder Guilford as the maroon and white ruggers racked up sloppy penalties, giving Elon more ball than was necessary and falling behind 12-5 relatively early on. More focus in the second half and great performances from rookie players made the game interesting, as Guilford rallied to even the score at 12-12. Another penalty reared its head, this time too close to the uprights, and a well-placed Elon kick put them up again and secured the ball back in Phoenix hands. With time dwindling, it appeared Guilford could not find a weakness to exploit, but very nice kicking for touch landed the boys deep in Elon territory for the final minutes. A thundering run from sophomore flanker Andrew Slater resulted in a clear try, to the elation of Guilford's visiting crowd, but was controversially overturned when the referee decided he had gotten in someones way. Heartbreak quickly turned to one extra minute of resolve, and Guilford fought viciously for the last inch, resulting in a repeated effort that could not be denied. Time expired almost directly after, leaving the score 19-15 to Guilford College. With the second hard-fought victory in as many games over Elon, 2008 USA Rugby South Semifinalists, Guilford Rugby proved that when they come to play, they are one of the best small college rugby squads in the Southeast.

Sunday morning saw a different team arrive to play a very tough Division 2 Appalachian State side. Fly-half David McKindley-Ward injured his elbow the day before and could not play. Scrum-half Max Kochinke took too many hard hits the day before, and Flanker Andrew Mancuso severely damaged his shoulder. Backs captain Chris Pugliese was forced to play with an injury that reaggravated itself immediately. To boot, whether from Saturday's festivities or Sunday obligations, so few players showed up that Guilford could only manage 17 versus App. in a game that would see more than half of those left playing out of position. Eight-man Matt Elverson played at Scrum-half, while flanker Andrew Slater took over #8. This left both flanking spots open to be filled by rookie lock Byron Myers and an injured but game Grayson Lyles. Winger Cody Martin took over at fly-half, with prop Abel Montes de Oca occupying the inside center slot. Regular #12 Evan Flanders moved position to the outside, completing the makeshift 9 to 13 chain that left running plays out of the question. Despite the disarray, Guilford should have managed something against the AHO team, but could not. There was no chemistry between the players, and a hard-rucking AHO pack dominated the loose ball almost completely. The very skilled Appalachian flyhalf kicked to his own team and to himself all game long, and the black-and-gold back line played tight defense while using uncommon speed to touch down points repeatedly. We would like to have given App. a game, but they took this one 29-0.

In all, Guilford Rugby took away a heavy amount of experience playing excellent opposition. The team improved greatly and learned a great deal about dedication on and off the field. The losses were perhaps good for the team, and showed a lot that can be worked on the rest of the season.

Match Report by Coach Hunter

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Match Report UNCC @ Guilford

Guilford Rugby Dismantles UNCC 49ers
Guilford-36 UNCC-10
Match Report:
The Guilford College Rugby Club played host this past Saturday to a familiar foe, the UNC-Charlotte 49ers, on what turned out to be a stellar sunny afternoon. UNCC was originally scheduled to travel to Guilford earlier in the season, but the game was unable to be hosted due to the administration's concerns for the fields during a tropical storm. Since then, Charlotte seemed to have picked up momentum, notching victories over a revived UNCG team and Duke University.
The match was intense from the kickoff. Charlotte fought hard, but were unable to keep pace with the young "A/B" Guilford side, made up as always of experienced leaders and very game rookies. Since late August the Guilford players have been putting up with a very physically demanding practice schedule which has paid great dividends. Put quite simply, the boys don't slack.Charlotte came out to hit, as it was indeed a Saturday, and gave Guilford perhaps their most physical match short of Triad Rugby. However, accurate kicking, great communication, quick hands, and another great performance by a solid, gritty pack had Charlotte on their heels most of the entire game. An unfortunately whimsical referee apparently forgot his warnings, advantages, and yellow cards at home, but did not fail to red card senior Guilford scrum-half Max Kochinke for aggressive footing in the ruck with no prior address. A Charlotte back was also red-carded, perhaps questionably. An extraordinary amount of knocks, off-sides, and dangerous tackles were let go for both teams, causing the game to feel more like a continuous brawl at times. Guilford maintained composure and organization, however, and left no doubt in a clear and telling 36-10 victory.
Last week's heroes performed expectedly well, with the entire front row of Watters, Smithey, and Montes de Oca putting in serious work and impressive crash ball against the much larger Charlotte team. Both the flankers Andrew owned tries on the day, an impressive Matt Elverson managed to play both #8 and #9 for twenty minutes of the game, and a rejuvenated Will Dawson used his shoulder as a battering ram to great effect throughout the first half. Every back-line player shined, all showing great offensive flair and chase, and repeatedly stopping an intimidating Mean Green line-up. The game was epitomized as senior winger Cody Martin efficiently laid out a hard-charging opponent nearly twice his weight on the try-line, pushing the play out of bounds and winning the ball back for his team. Guilford Rugby will now enjoy a much deserved rest after starting their fall season with five wins and no defeats.
Match Report By Coach Hunter
Photo Credit: Megan Slater

Guilford Bests UNCC

Guilford RFC posted a 36-10 victory over UNC-Charlotte this Saturday. The Quakers will enter their week long fall break, and two weekend hiatus from play, undefeated with a record of 5-0. Guilford hopes to continue their success on Oct. 25 at the NCRU State Tournament.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guilford Picks up match with UNCC

Guilford RFC will be making up their match with UNC-Charlotte that was canceled earlier in the season. UNCC will come to Guilford on Sat. 10-4 for a late afternoon match.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quakers Move to 4-0

Last Friday Guilford College RFC beat their rivals Elon 18 to 14.
The Quakers are now 4-0 for the fall season.

This was the first victory Guilford has had over Elon in recent history (at least three years) and Elon was last years NCRU D-III matrix Champions. Match report and pictures are posted below.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Elon Match Report

Guilford - 18 Elon - 14

Guilford Rugby traveled to Elon University on Friday night to face an always formidable Phoenix rugby club. The game kicked off at 6:30p.m. in drenched conditions. Heavy rain from the night before had continued until just before the match, leaving the ground saturated with standing water in places and making dry ball an impossibility for the rest of the night. Guilford was able to field many of their regular players, unlike the match at Triad, and lacked only starting hooker Kevin Smithey and hard-charging inside center Evan Flanders.
First half's kickoff saw Guilford immediately pressing the Elon tryline. A very tough defense from the Phoenix saw repeated attempts to cross unsuccessful, but eagerness to claim the ball netted Elon only a large number of penalties to Guilford. Prop Abel Montes de Oca finally mustered the resolve to punch through, grabbing an unconverted 5 points.
Elon woke up quickly, however, and exploited holes in the Guilford back line to immediately answer and convert, putting them up 7-5. The rest of the half bore no score, but a hamstring injury and poor adaptation to the wet conditions saw most starting backs replaced with freshmen players before the break. The rain picked back up again in the second half, making the match very sloppily played all around, but with Elon delivering better handled ball more consistently in the back line. A high kick from the hosts was mishandled by the inexperienced visiting back three, resulting in another breakaway try to Elon, which was converted again, leaving the match at 14-5 and looking dire for Guilford.
Leadership from the pack became a driving force in the following moments, as sophomore flanker Andrew Slater and forward captain Abel Montes de Oca saw fit to savagely engage every breakdown. Possession was kept much more and turnover ball was created as the rest of the pack carried the rise in intensity. Guilford again began pressuring the Elon tryline and dominating most of the possession. Sophomore fly-half David McKindley-Ward and Junior fullback Max George each had near tries spoiled by the wet conditions. Guilford began exploiting a flat Elon back-line defense with chip and grubber kicks that threatened throughout the rest of the game. Another rally from the pack put Montes de Oca in for a second try, bringing the score to 14-10 and putting Guilford back in the game.

As the final minutes arrived Guilford looked to outlast the Elon team and showed better overall fitness, especially in the forwards, once again bringing pressure deep within opposition territory. Technical play off a late drive put rookie winger Dave Kloss into the try zone to give the visitors a one point lead. McKindley-Ward struggled to put the ball through the posts in the wet all night, and the third unconverted try put the game at a tense 15-14. Stellar performance from the pack continued in the scrums and line-outs, and the won ball combined with better gas again put Guilford close to the Phoenix tryline. A very aggressive last stand from Elon forced McKindley-Ward to settle for a drop goal, extending the lead to the final 18-14.
While Guilford's backs struggled to maintain form in the sloppy conditions, there were moments to be proud of and great performances by veterans and new talent alike. The pack showed surprising strength, winning almost all of their own ball in set pieces and stealing much of the opposition's, despite being heavily outweighed. Rookies came through and held their own, keeping Elon honest and scoreless in the last thirty minutes. The still very young Guilford squad hopes to be in action again at home on October 4th against UNC-Charlotte.

Match Report by Coach Hunter
Photo Credit: Bailey A.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guilford At Elon

This Friday Guilford will make the 20 minute trip to face off against rivals Elon University.

To set the mood for Friday here are some picks from last years match of then Senior now coach, Nick Hunter, making a terrific albeit illegal tackle.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Guilford beats Triad Rugby

Guilford College RFC 17 Triad RFC 14

The Guilford Men's Rugby Team left Oka T. Hester Park last Saturday battered but not beaten. Though lacking a number of key forwards the Quakers traveled across Greensboro to face local men's team Triad RFC. Among those absent from the pitch were David "Mini-Fridge" Watters, Andrew "Crazy Eyes" Slater, "Blazin" Crosby Blair, and Kevin "Thespian" Smithy. Though lacking these key players Guilford put on an impressive show squeaking by Triad 17-14.

As expected the game was a hard hitting example of smash mouth rugby. Senior flanker Graham "Machismo" Payne set the pace early with a crushing hit on the kick off. Guilford put points up early when David "All-Star" Mckindley-Ward sent a penalty through the uprights leaving the score 3-0. The next points would be scored by Chris "Stretch Armstrong" Pugliese, when he scooped up a lost ball from Triad and ran 30 meters into the try zone. David converted the try to give Guilford a 10-0 lead. Triad outmatched Guilford in size and experience and used both to their advantage in clearing out rucks and winning lineouts. Triad used their size to punch one through closing the gap to 10-7. Guilford soon returned fire with a try of their own. Pack Captain Abel Montes De Oca had an impressive run through Triad's forwards only to be stopped short of the try. Nick "I'll break yo face" Hunter, managed to put the ball across the try line leaving the score 17-7 Guilford at the half.

For the last 40 minutes Guilford subbed in 5 rookie backs. Triad attempted to exploit this kicking multiple times to the inexperienced backline. The rookies proved their mettle however, making quick decisions, expert tackles and disallowing Triad to score off the kick. Triad would manage to punch through for another try leaving the score at a tight 17-14. The Quakers held on tightly to their lead and refused to concede anymore points leaving the score at 17-14, with Guilford coming out on top.