Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Guilford Set to Play Elon in Seeding Match

Next Tuesday night (March 3) Guilford will travel to Elon University for a seeding match to determine the #1 seed in the USA Rugby South Quarter-Finals. The winner of the match will be the de facto NCRU Division 3 Champions. The past two Guilford-Elon match ups have been intensely contested affairs, with Guilford coming out with a 4 point victory in both encounters. (18-14 and 19-15)

Photo: Scrum; Guilford @ Elon 9-26-08


Nick said...

Cody. The last two games against Elon were close for two reasons:

1) Penalties. Spend a practice this week ensuring nobody is off-sides or holding onto the ball in the rucks.

2) Knock-ons. Whether it was the wet or the nerves, make sure your backs have hands.

Oh and make sure the referee isn't near where you're trying to score. Remember how you had to win the last game twice in the last five minutes? That was funny. And relax, because this game doesn't matter at all. Guilford's already beaten them twice this year. Just go work on playing disciplined fundamental rugby and leave the pressure to the ones who have something to prove... I put our last NZ practice up on my site, by the way. GOOD LUCK!

Nick said...
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Nick said...

Also, Cody, shouldn't Elon be traveling to Guilford? You all have a better points differential than they do.

Maxwell said...

I wanna read the deleted comments! I'm sitting in Dublin in a dorm room with this girl you goes to Elon and she says their rugby team are huge assholes and everyone at their schools hates them. Kind of the opposite of Guilford I guess.

Fucking win it boys!

Nick said...

Too bad rugby games aren't won on popularity. Ha. Yeah they have been huge dicks on occasion, but a couple real classy guys on that team. However, Guilford College loves Guilford Rugby. Different culture and always has been.