Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guilford Forced to Forfeit to Coastal Carolina

As injuries and illness continue to plague the Guilford side the Quakers were unable to put together a competitive team to travel to Conway, SC for their playoff match against Coastal Carolina University.

The injured Quaker side will have much needed break next weekend, and will continue their season with a friendly against emerging side Wingate University.


Maxwell said...

So does the season really continue or are you guys out of it for good? no matrix champions, no butt tattoo...

a forfeit?!?!

sorry to hear all that.
miss you guys.


Nick said...

They're out of the competitive season for good. Don't know what to say.

Benjamin said...

"i dont know where this industrial load of sand came from or how it ended up in your vaginas"
-nick hunter, march 23rd, 2009

taninecz said...


Nick said...

Honestly, you should at least update your own website. I stopped updating it in February.