Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guilford End Season with Win Over UNCG

Guilford--33 UNCG--24

Guilford College finished their season today with a come from behind victory over cross-town rivals UNC-Greensboro. Try scorers included senior 8-man Matt Elverson, junior flanker Kevin Smithey, junior Bryce Bjornson, and two tries by sophomore flyhalf David McKindley-Ward. Full match report and photos to follow.


Maxwell said...

I thought it was a tournament... Did the virgina teams make it down? Are we the best?

Big news, I'm going to be playing for a low division French team for a little while, hopefully.

Your eminent replacement and holder of the key (to your heart),


Nick said...

Good final effort guys. It's great that UNCG has stepped it up this year. More quality experience close to home.

...prepare to be wrecked in September!

Cody said...

It was supposed to be a round robin but CCU is still in the playoffs and VT couldn't attend because they had memorial services for the anniversary of the shooting.

Cody said...

Also Max you've got some competition for next year. UNCG's fullback scored three of their four tries and assisted on the other.

Nick said...

*gathers 16 alumni*
*waits til september*
*forfeits alumni game*

The Bandit said...

Where's the full match report? You're teasing me Cody, cuz that was an intense game.

Cody said...

Sorry it took so long I had a final yesterday. Anyway I put up the match report.