Thursday, September 24, 2009

2nd Annual Alumni Game this weekend!

On Saturday the Guilford Men will host past graduates and dropouts in the 2nd annual Alumni Game. Last November's inauguration was quite successful and the alumni anticipate fielding a stronger side this year with access to a wealth of skilled ruggers from the 2009 graduating class. The Guilford Rugby Alumni Association, founded last year by alumn Ben Snyder, Nick Hunter, and Drew Gottlieb has been a growing success and in an unprecedented move of sober charity they will host the current team to a post-game banquet where the Woodcock Award (for Most Valuable Player of the previous season, currently in possession of 2007 recipient Nick Hunter) will be passed on to the next Guilford rugby legend-to-be.

Everyone come out to the pitch at 1 for the women's game against Wake Forest and 3 for the 2nd ever Guilford Men's Rugby Alumni game. Broken alumn Nick Hunter and the new shoulda-boy Max George will be getting sloppy all day on the sidelines, please do not listen to anything they have to say, sir. Expect to see names long forgotten (a certain Tito?) and skills long past (T-Cope ain't got no juice) on display and don't worry, even if the kids win the battle the alumni are undefeated in the post-match social. Who knows, maybe even George Huber will shoot-the-boot this year!

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