Tuesday, September 29, 2009

McKindley Ward receives 2008 Woodcock Award

All joking aside, the 2nd annual GCR Alumni Match was a great success and the relationship between the current college club and its former alumni continues to grow at the benefit of all parties.

Importantly, on Saturday the Alumni Association recognized Junior David McKindley Ward as the MVP of the 2008 season.

Although the man often called "Superstar" by his teammates is never short of praise for his contribution to the team at Flyhalf for the last two years and change, he now has his name alongside other Guilford Men's Rugby greats including last year's recipient Nick Hunter and GCRFC legends like Tyler Cope, Ben Snyder, Dan Hayden, and Kevin Woodcock himself. Undoubtedly, due to his aggressive manner of play and deft kicking talent McKindley Ward is the all-time points leader in the clubs history, although official numbers will never be available. All former recipients of the Woodcock Award (which has been given for each year since 2002) were on hand to present the award except for the inaugural winner, Joe S.

The award is now on display to the public in the Guilford College trophy case in the gym, a further testament to the solidity of the club's relationship with the school that has developed in recent years.

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